2x New OEM BMW F30 F31 F34 F10 F11 F01 F02 Xenon HID Ballast to D1S Bulb Wire

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A pair of brand new original OEM xenon headlight ballast to HID D1S bulb wiring harnesses with pigtails
Total length of HID cord is 15 1/2″ tip to tip
The ballast is NOT included!
Compatible with the ballast PN:

 63127296090 / 63 12 7 296 090

Replaces 63127255724 (63 12 7 255 724) and 63117356250 (63 11 7 356 250)

Will not fit FULL LED headlights

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Part 63127296090 (CONTROL UNIT XENON LIGHT) was found on the following vehicles:
E89 Z4 28i Roadster, USA
E89 Z4 35i Roadster, USA
E89 Z4 35is Roadster, USA
E89 Z4 18i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 20i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 28i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 35i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 35is Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 23i Roadster, Europe
E89 Z4 30i Roadster, Europe
F01N 740i Sedan, USA
F01N 750i Sedan, USA
F01N 750iX Sedan, USA
F01N 730d Sedan, Europe
F01N 730dX Sedan, Europe
F01N 730i Sedan, Europe
F01N 740d Sedan, Europe
F01N 740dX Sedan, Europe
F01N 740i Sedan, Europe
F01N 750dX Sedan, Europe
F01N 750i Sedan, Europe
F01N 750iX Sedan, Europe
F01N 760i Sedan, Europe
F01N Hybrid 7 Sedan, Europe
F02N 740LdX Sedan, USA
F02N 740Li Sedan, USA
F02N 740LiX Sedan, USA
F02N 750Li Sedan, USA
F02N 750LiX Sedan, USA
F02N 760Li Sedan, USA
F02N Hybrid 7L Sedan, USA
F02N 730Ld Sedan, Europe
F02N 730Li Sedan, Europe
F02N 740Li Sedan, Europe
F02N 740LiX Sedan, Europe
F02N 750LdX Sedan, Europe
F02N 750Li Sedan, Europe
F02N 750LiX 4.0 Sedan, Europe
F02N 750LiX 4.4 Sedan, Europe
F02N 760Li Sedan, Europe
F02N Hybrid 7L Sedan, Europe
F03N 750LiS Sedan, Europe
F03N 760LiS Sedan, Europe
F10 M5 Sedan, USA
F10 M5 Sedan, Europe
F10N 528i Sedan, USA
F10N 528iX Sedan, USA
F10N 535d Sedan, USA
F10N 535dX Sedan, USA
F10N 535i Sedan, USA
F10N 535iX Sedan, USA
F10N 550i Sedan, USA
F10N 550iX Sedan, USA
F10N Hybrid 5 Sedan, USA
F10N 518d Sedan, Europe
F10N 520d Sedan, Europe
F10N 520dX Sedan, Europe
F10N 520i Sedan, Europe
F10N 525d Sedan, Europe
F10N 525dX Sedan, Europe
F10N 528i Sedan, Europe
F10N 528iX Sedan, Europe
F10N 530d Sedan, Europe
F10N 530dX Sedan, Europe
F10N 535d Sedan, Europe
F10N 535dX Sedan, Europe
F10N 535i Sedan, Europe
F10N 535iX Sedan, Europe
F10N 550i Sedan, Europe
F10N 550iX Sedan, Europe
F10N Hybrid 5 Sedan, Europe
F10N M550dX Sedan, Europe
F11N 518d Touring, Europe
F11N 520d Touring, Europe
F11N 520dX Touring, Europe
F11N 520i Touring, Europe
F11N 525d Touring, Europe
F11N 525dX Touring, Europe
F11N 528i Touring, Europe
F11N 528iX Touring, Europe
F11N 530d Touring, Europe
F11N 530dX Touring, Europe
F11N 535d Touring, Europe
F11N 535dX Touring, Europe
F11N 535i Touring, Europe
F11N 535iX Touring, Europe
F11N 550i Touring, Europe
F11N M550dX Touring, Europe
F30 320i Sedan, USA
F30 320iX Sedan, USA
F30 328d Sedan, USA
F30 328dX Sedan, USA
F30 328i Sedan, USA
F30 328iX Sedan, USA
F30 335i Sedan, USA
F30 335iX Sedan, USA
F30 Hybrid 3 Sedan, USA
F30 316d Sedan, Europe
F30 316i Sedan, Europe
F30 318d Sedan, Europe
F30 318dX Sedan, Europe
F30 320d Sedan, Europe
F30 320d ed Sedan, Europe
F30 320dX Sedan, Europe
F30 320i Sedan, Europe
F30 320i ed Sedan, Europe
F30 320iX Sedan, Europe
F30 325d Sedan, Europe
F30 328i Sedan, Europe
F30 328iX Sedan, Europe
F30 330d Sedan, Europe
F30 330dX Sedan, Europe
F30 335dX Sedan, Europe
F30 335i Sedan, Europe
F30 335iX Sedan, Europe
F30 Hybrid 3 Sedan, Europe
F31 328dX Touring, USA
F31 328i Touring, USA
F31 328iX Touring, USA
F31 316d Touring, Europe
F31 316i Touring, Europe
F31 318d Touring, Europe
F31 318dX Touring, Europe
F31 320d Touring, Europe
F31 320d ed Touring, Europe
F31 320dX Touring, Europe
F31 320i Touring, Europe
F31 320iX Touring, Europe
F31 325d Touring, Europe
F31 328i Touring, Europe
F31 328iX Touring, Europe
F31 330d Touring, Europe
F31 330dX Touring, Europe
F31 335dX Touring, Europe
F31 335i Touring, Europe
F31 335iX Touring, Europe
F34 328i Gran Turismo, USA
F34 328iX Gran Turismo, USA
F34 335iX Gran Turismo, USA
F34 318d Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 320d Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 320dX Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 320i Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 320iX Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 325d Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 328i Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 328iX Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 330d Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 330dX Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 335dX Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 335i Gran Turismo, Europe
F34 335iX Gran Turismo, Europe

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Additional information

Interchange Part Number

Headlight Controller Igniter ECU Box 13 F03 M5 E89, 63117356250, 63127296090, 63127255724, 63117317408, 63117182520

Other Part Number

63127296090 / 63 12 7 296 090 f10n f11n f01n f02n

Manufacturer Part Number

1 307 329 317 00 130732931700


Bulb Size


Bulb Type


Country/Region of Manufacture

Ballast Included

Headlight Style

Part Brand

Placement on Vehicle

, ,

Fitment Type